So it was an incredibly special day for the just-married couple Rohit and Ashna. Both software engineers from Pune got their dream jobs in Bengaluru. They had to move to Bengaluru at short notice since Ashna had to join immediately. Ashna’s aunt was sweet to offer them her home till they found a house in Bengaluru.

After an intense house hunt, they found a place that they both liked; it was close to their workplace. Needless to say, it was expensive, more so because it was unfurnished.  However, Rohit and Ashna decided to take it since it would save them time travelling to work in the traffic-prone city.  Soon Rohit too started working, so they had little time for any shopping for the home.

One of the weekends, they sat down to make a list of things they would need for their house. Fridge, sofas, dining table, microwave, gas stove, TV, TV unit, bed, wardrobes – the list seemed endless and daunting. Rohit and Ashna had just blown away all their little savings on their marriage and honeymoon. So, they were literally starting from an empty pocket.

An expense as high as this seemed very difficult for them to fulfil right now, as their rent took up quite a lot of their salary. To take a loan and pay through EMIs was also looking difficult. Besides, taking a loan would mean showing documentation like residential proof or Aadhar, PAN, all of which had their Pune address. They did not want to go through all that hassle, with both working and having little time.

So they both agreed that they would fill up the house slowly and just bought basic stuff like cooking essentials and a mattress.

Later, while Ashna was having lunch with her colleagues, the discussion veered towards their new house and a party to celebrate it. So Ashna said yes to throwing a housewarming party in a few months, once they bought all the furniture and appliances, lamenting that they did not have enough savings to spend so much at this point, and did not want to buy it on loan either.

That’s when her friend Radhika told her to check out, an online portal which helps you to take household furniture and appliances like fridge, sofas, dining table, TV, TV unit, bed, wardrobe and more on rent. Ashna was sceptical about the whole idea of renting out furniture and appliances. After all, who takes furniture on rent for home! She, however, agreed to check it out.

That evening, she mentioned it to Rohit who was equally apprehensive, but they started exploring the portal nevertheless. They were pleasantly surprised to see that everything that is required for a house and more was available for rent. Right from renting appliances like microwave to renting a bike was available on The terms and conditions for taking furniture on rent seemed unbelievably friendly and flexible. Imagine you get to swap the furniture whenever you want, you can transfer the subscription to the next tenant, and you can even opt out whenever you wish too. What’s more, they even offer free relocation!

Being software engineers, they could be relocating anytime at short notice. Then they would be saddled with disposing all the furniture they bought or lug it to the next location. This option of furniture on rent seemed like a perfect solution to their dilemma. They immediately contacted and rented the furniture they wanted within 2 days, it was all so easy.

The next week itself they had the first of the many parties in their home!