Health and wealth, two most important aspects of our life and yet we ignore or neglect both!

Yes, you have to help with your kid’s homework, yes you have to complete that assignment at work, yes you want to go that dinner or lunch with your girlfriends, and so many other activities become your priority. And fitness and finance take a backseat.

Actually if you think about it, both fitness and finance need to be handled the same way. It’s like a marathon, it’s a journey, one step at a time, one day at a time, and one milestone at a time. The key is to nurture the goals with patience and persistence. And you will see the results for yourselves.

So how can you have fun while seamlessly integrating fitness and finance in your lives successfully;

  1. Start with having a goal. And then break it up into milestones. Remember you can’t train for a marathon by running all of it in one day. You progress slowly, celebrating each milestone along the way. And that’s how it works for investments as well. Every milestone takes you one step closer to your goal.
    1. Example – I will be able to run for a 3 kms without having to stop or walk by July 15th, 2017
    2. Example – I will accumulate enough to buy the camera and lens that I want, by August 2017
  2. Make it a habit, habits die hard. When you exercise and invest regularly it becomes a routine and part of your lifestyle. It seamlessly integrates with all other activities in your life. Then it doesn’t seem like a burden or cumbersome. You will see yourself automatically adjusting your schedules or lifestyle choices to include fitness and money goals.
  3. Form a group, friends with whom you can discuss your fitness and money goals, we chat endlessly on so many topics with our girlfriends including fitness(generally cribbing about our bodies and weight!) but rarely about money. Encourage your friends to discuss it, you all can push, motivate, share your milestones with each other.
  4. Having a coach or financial advisor helps. They give you the right direction, understand your requirement, and help choose the right exercises or investment options. They handhold you through the journey. Not just that, they review periodically and course correct along the way.
  5. Make it fun. If it has to sustain over a long period of time, it’s important that you enjoy the journey. For fitness, you can keep changing the exercise forms, gymming, running, cycling, swimming or simply walking. Similarly your investment journey need not be boring, along with serious life goals, you can have fun here as well, have fun goals like investing for the designer bag, exotic holiday, hobby class, or whatever you dreamt of for yourself or your family.


Of course, Don’t forget to reward yourself on every achievement. Start today, don’t push it for another day!