Women have always been great at managing budgets at home!

Arrghh.. the most beaten to death line in this world!

I would like to hear “Women are great at managing their finances!”

Coming back to the first line, we have been great with money management at home for the longest time. Ensuring bills are paid on time, bargaining hard for good deals, saving for the rainy day, we are damn good at all these.

And now women are graduating with more college degrees than men, climbing farther up the ranks in nearly every industry, having an earning potential more than ever before. So one would have thought they would be in the forefront with managing their finances too, right? Wrong. There are scores of women who still prefer to push the buck to the man to handle finance and investment.

So many women radiate competence and authority on a daily basis (brilliant doctors, strong managers, cool and collected stay-at-home mothers). But when it comes to this one particular subject, not so much.

Women still lag behind men in actions crucial to building wealth and security, such as investing and having a long-term money plan. This is not just in India but all over the world. Women still have the “head in the sand approach” to long-term financial planning.

It’s time for a change. We need to get over this complacency towards finance. No doubt we are more than capable of handling it. All it requires is breaking the mental barriers. Think what more money can get you!

Don’t forget, most of the large financial institutions in India have women heading it. Not just that, we even have a Goddess of wealth – Lakshmi!

Go Womoneya, Take charge of it!